Covid Online Bookings

The Borough of Wandsworth Rifle Club has implemented an online bookings system in order to deal with the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. It enables members to book a shooting slot, ensuring that attendance is staggered throughout the day hence facilitating appropriate social distancing.

Click here to access the Covid Online Booking System
By clicking this link, I confirm that I have read the details below in full.

This brief guide demonstrates how members should use the system. It is very straightforward, however members should be aware of the following important considerations.

Times, and when you must arrive to access the Clubhouse

Shooting details will be held in sets of two within three timeslots according to the timetable below. This is to allow ample time for set up, but more importantly, time to pack up and leave before the start of the next timeslot. In other words, all bookings must be for 2 details from the start of each timeslot irrespective of whether or not you intend to stay that long.

The on-line booking system shows all details individually, as shooters may want to shoot on two different ranges during their timeslot (e.g. 50M and 100 yards), and we need to be able to control numbers on each. 

Access to the Clubhouse to pick up kit outside the times in bold below is restricted, so do please arrive on time.   

Timeslot 1 – Access to Clubhouse: 1.00pm –1.20 pm
Detail 1: 1.00 pm
Detail 2: 2.00 pm

Timeslot 2 – Access to Clubhouse: 3.00pm – 3.20pm
Detail 3: 3.00 pm
Detail 4: 4.00 pm

Timeslot 3 – Access to Clubhouse: 5.00pm – 5.20pm
Detail 5: 5.00 pm
Detail 6: 6.00 pm

If there is sufficient demand an additional detail will be available at 7.00pm.

Actual shooting times are nominal within the timeslots, but all shooting will finish 20 minutes before the end of the slot to allow time for packing up before people arrive for the next timeslot.

Bookings and cancellations

Once you have completed the booking process, an email containing details of your booking request will be sent to you. This email also contains links to cancel and amend your bookings if required. Please ensure you amend bookings if you are unable to make it, as failing to do so will deprive others from an opportunity shoot. Note this may take up to 10 minutes to be received.

Please DO NOT place another booking if you don’t receive an email, as emails from this system can be blocked by spam filters, and you will double-book yourself which again will deprive someone else of a slot. In this case please email, and we can cancel/amend your booking manually.

Please note that although you have made a booking, it is possible you may be contacted to re-arrange if additional restrictions on numbers are required during a particular timeslot, for example to accommodate any member considered as clinically vulnerable under the Government`s social distancing guidelines.

How to use the system

To access the bookings system please click the link at the top of this page. You will require a username and password that will be distributed to members by the Secretary.

Step 1: Select Range and Book a Space

The first screen allows you to select the range you wish to shoot at using the ‘Select Range’ dropdown.

Step 1: Select Range and Book a Space

Initially, we are allowing members to shoot only using the outside and LSR ranges, enabling up to two people to shoot at 25yds, 50yds, 100yds, and one person to shoot using the LSR range.

The ‘Book a Space’ dropdown allows you to book a space at that range. Actual firing points will be allocated on the day dependent on how many people turn up, considering that at least two clear firing points are required between shooters.

Step 2: Select date and time

The second screen allows you to select when you would like to attend the Club, along with the available time slots for the range of your choice that was set in the previous screen.

Step 2: Select Data and Time

Please note that, as mentioned previously, you must arrive for 1 pm, 3 pm or 5 pm as appropriate regardless of the details you select.

Note that if no times are shown, then all of the slots have been taken. In that case we would recommend that you return to the previous screen and select a different range/distance.

Step 3: Enter your details

The third screen requires you to enter your details. You need to provide your first name, last name, email address and phone number.

Step 3: Enter Your Details

You also need to confirm that you have read the terms and conditions, particularly to confirm that you understand that the Clubhouse access times are restricted.

Step 4: Booking summary

Your booking will now be displayed to you. Please check these details thoroughly.

Step 4: Confirm Your Appointment

Note that the system will email you a copy of these details, along with links to cancel or amend your booking, however some spam filters may delete these messages so it is essential you check these details before continuing.

Step 5: Booking confirmed

A message will now be displayed that your booking is confirmed.

If you wish to book another range on the same day, and we do recommend that members book at least two ranges to align with Clubhouse opening times, please select the ‘Go to booking page’ button to repeat the process again.

If you have any further queries about your booking, or if you don’t receive the confirmation email and wish to amend it, please email

Example booking email. Note the Appointment Link at the bottom which may be used to cancel the booking if required.

Cancelling bookings via the link in the confirmation email.

If you need to cancel a booking, please click the Appointment Link that you have received (as you can see in the above email image). You will be taken back to the system: in addition to the main page, there will be an additional option at the top of the page for you to cancel your appointment as below. Please click this to cancel your booking.

Cancel bookings screen (note the additional ‘Cancel’ button at the top)

If you have any additional queries about your booking, please email

Additional restrictions

As mentioned previously, although you may have made a booking, it is possible you may be contacted to re-arrange if additional restrictions on numbers are required during a particular timeslot. Where we know about this in advance, we will block timeslots as appropriate from within the system and the shooting details will not be available to you at step 2.